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10 distinct scenes you would see in Yangon city

10 distinct scenes you would see in Yangon city

Now Yangon is one of the most attractive and fast-growing economic cities of ASEAN for worldwide investers .Newly contructed Yangon International Airport is lively with foreigners from multi-nations and domestic travellers.Now Myanmar government is warmly welcome to FDI.If you are a foreigner and have never been to Yangon before,you can see some  distinctive scenes in Yangon.There are 10 distinctive scenes that are different from other  countries.

(1) Teeming with Taxies

One of the dinstintive scenes is teeming with taxies on the roads of Yangon.Now there are over 80000 taxies in Yangon with different brands and colors,and most of taxi drivers are under 40.There are no public taxi services in public areas. Some has aircon  and some drives opening doors taxies.Almost all of taxies are not metre taxies so you need to tell the route where you want to go and ask the price for it before you take in.If you want a fixed price and aircon taxi,you need to install the ‘Grab’ taxi service application .

(2) The traffic jams

Yangon is growing into a crowded city day by day.Most of young people living  in countryside migrates to Yangon to find better opportunities than before. Accordingly,the porpulation of the city is more and more.And the number of people who can use cars also increase.Moreover taxi services are doing like a business because it makes daily income. As a result,Yangon roads are crowded with cars,taxies and line buses(YBS).The government has not constructed elevated express ways yet.But we expect that we can see it next two to five years.So you can see some traffic jams in daily rush hours and traffic points also increase at the junctions of the roads. When you have to stop at the traffic  points because of jam,you can come at some young boys and girls selling purified water,flowers and betel nuts (Kwun yar) for their living.It may be a distinctive scene that you never seen before.

(3) Car parking and walking people

Most of Yangon roads have no roadside platform people can walk freely, and all of the old offices and departments constructed in last decades has  no car parking.Amazing! So you can see so many cars parking on the two sides of the roads except prohibited area.And some of Yangonians walking on the driving roads, and crossing the roads will be a little strange scene for you.You can see a few crossing bridges over the roads of the junctions but most of the walking people don’t use the bridges.

(4) Traditional costumes-Longyi and Htamein

The lovely one of Myanmar people is perservation of their cultural heritages and traditional costumes while other Asian cities tend to wear western costumes. Most of Myanmar men wear ‘Longyi’and slippers rather than western style trousers and shoes;and women wear ‘Htamein’ instead of western style skirts.So when you step onto the land of Yangon,you will see the people with traditional costumes.

(5) Ask for donation on the loudspeaker

The majority of Myanmar are Buddhism and they love donations.Myanmar is one of the most charitable countries in the world although most of them are poor.So every street and wards has charity and social welfare groups or associations.Some are maily focussed on Buddhist religion.Weekly or monthly,when they move round their wards to ask for donation,they use the loudspeaker to announce to the people living in the wards.So the sound of it may be noisy for you even if it’s a good job for them . And also it may be strange for you when you see them on the roads and the streets of the wards.

(6) Tea shops and kissing sound

                Yangon is different from any other cities in Asia. While almost all of citizens in Asia is familiar with the world brands coffee like Starbucks,Yangonians are enjoying their traditional tea and coffee in nearby tea shops.When you walk along the roads in Yangon,you can see some tea shops beside the roads and the people who are drinking tea.If you enter the shop and want to try a cup of tea,you need to do kissing sound to get waiters’ attention. It may be strange for you.

(7) White color Toyota used cars

The next scene you can see on the roads of Yangon is teeming with white color Toyota used cars made in Japan.The 90 percents of the cars on the roads are Toyota used car from Japan.Moreover,the color of the cars they like best are white and pearl white. The second color  is lead, and the next may be black and others.As Myanmar people like white color cars, the price of it  is a little more than other colors.But now you can see some brand new car showrooms including world class branded BMW.

(8) Chewing betel nuts

If it is the first time trip to Myanmar for you,we will not suprise that you soon start notice red stains on the pavements. A simple query you might have is what is this stuff? Well the answer is betel nut, and in Myanmar it is extremely popular. You will see locals all over the country popping green leaves into their mouths and chewing (or sucking) with relish. It is one of the oldest traditions in Myanmar and one which takes many tourists by surprise.But  the government of Yangon region and YCDC are controlling the chewing betel nuts in a public offices.Last year,the activists who want to be clean and beautiful the city launched some campaings against chewing betel nuts.

(9) No motorcycle but in suburbs

You may be surprised that there is no motorcylce on the roads of downtown Yangon. Motorcycles were banned by military government in Yangon in 2003. There were a number of rumours about why.Now most of Yangonians like it because Yangon changes into a city of traffic jam.But you can see motorcycles in the suburb areas of Yangon.For example,if you visit Mandalay,the second largest city, by express car,you can see a lot of motocycles near the Aungmingalar express compound.


(10) Trishaw- Made in Myanmar

I think trishaw  is the only one slow moving vehecle you ever seen in your life because it’s made and used only in Myanmar.You can see in a suburb of Yangon.In the evening of Yangon,you can seldom see a few trishaws on the roads of downtown area.In the day time,trishaws are banned by YCDC to enter the downtown areas.But if you want to look around the suburban areas,you can take a trishaw and get the feeling of  the ride  on it.

Anyway,we can see the bad and the good things are together in a country and in an event. Lastly,we have to choose what the good things are and which are the lovely one for us.The more you can search for the good things in everyday life,the greater you will be in your life.May be lucky to find the good things in Yangon!







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