Ar Thaw Ka Food Centre:Malaysia’s famous Nasi Lemak recipe and Rakhine Traditional food are available


Now Malaysia’s famous coconut milk rice called Nasi Lemak is available in Yangon.Where?The name of service is Ar Thaw Ka Rakhine Myanmar Traditional Food Centre located at No.20, ground floor,Ar Thaw Ka Street, Tamwe Township,Yangon. So.why can it serve Nasi Lemak  and other traditional food?The owner of Ar Thaw Ka,Ko Yin Mon,32,worked as a chef of  Malaysia’s restaurants for a decade.In addition,as he is a native Rakhine ,he knows how to prepare Rakhine traditional tastes.

With his dream of becoming a business owner ,he came back to Yangon last year and  he prepared to start Ar Thaw Ka Rakhine Myanmar Food Centre to serve his experiences and delicious dishes.And then the centre is opend on 20th August,2018.Although Ar thaw Ka is only a new one ,it can serve you with many tasty dishes.

​In our country,there are 135 national races and they have different traditional foods.We are lucky to enjoy many famous traditional foods which foreigners are also becoming aware of. Among them is Rakhine traditional food with its delicious blend of sour and hot flavors, very popular with the local people.

Now many locals including celes come to Ar Thaw Ka Rakhine Myanmar Food Centre to enjoy the popular chicken Thauk-Sum, pig legs curry,green papaya salad,heads of ocean fish  Thauk-Sum,Thanut salad and many other traditional dishes. The food centre will satisfy its customers with a range of fresh dishes cooked in traditional Rakhine region style. The prices are reasonable, only 1500Kyats per one person,and the foods are fresh and delicious, the surrounding is clean, comfortable and casual and can be enjoyed by the entire family, and the staffs and the owner are attentive and happy to be of service.

The food centre opens daily from 8am to 9pm now. Launch time are particularly busy at the centre as  nearby workers enjoy a delicious meal launch .So you feel like Rakhine taste or want to try your first Rakhine traditional dishes,or Malaysian’s Nasi Lemak, I recommend you to visit Ar Thaw Ka  Rakhine Myanmar Traditional Food Centre and enjoy the amazing taste of Rakhine and Myanmar style dishes.You will not be disappointed!If you want to order for charities,company offices and organizations,you are welcome to call the phone numbers; 09799882579, 09896039174 and the owner contact 09768639479.Good luck,Ar Thaw Ka!


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