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Argentine Missing Submarine is Safe

Argentine Missing Submarine is Safe

The navy of Argentinean has insisted a missing Submarine San Juan was in good condition. It had passed a safety system checks before setting off on a training mission before ten days ago.

Some of the crew members had requested the old vessel was in a bad state. The San Juan was made the last contact on 15th November.

Hoping to find the survivors are fading among the members fade despite the efforts of international search.


Navy spokesman said that they are at a stage of hope and hopelessness at the same time. They have to be guided by firm evidence. They are focused on detecting the submarine.

The submarine had its operating system was checked before two days for sailing. Relatives gathered at the submarine’s naval base to take apart in a religious ceremony. They were joined by the supporters.

The San Juan was returning from a routine mission to the southern tip of South America. It is said by Mechanical breakdown.


The authorities said that an event consistent with an explosion had been detected by a nuclear test.

The hydroacoustic anomaly after the submarine went missing. Russia has a scientific exploration ship on the way to Africa. The US Navy deployed unmanned mini-sub vehicles to join the search.

Countries are helping to find:

The USA, Germany, France, Peru, The UK, Columbia, Chile, Uruguay, and Brazil are helping to find out the vessel.

Only one:

44 crew members are in command of Fernandez. 43 members are men and one woman is there. The 35-year-old is the first female officer to serve on Submarine.

One crew member escaped from the tragedy because he was the off the vessel visiting his sick mother. He had been replaced by someone else.


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