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Bali Volcano making Broken Sounds

Bali Volcano making Broken Sounds

Airline services have been issued a clear ‘Red Warning’ about the danger of volcanic ash. It is in the sky which is close to Bali after the Mount Agung. It is emitted a think crest of smoke more than 4921 feet high.

This is second major emission from the Indonesian Island’s volcano in this week. So the flights have been wrapped.

The red warning signs an eruption is forecasting to happen soon. It signifies emission of the ashes into the atmosphere.

The Plane engines can be damaged by the ashes of the volcano.

Tourist hub:

Bali is an Indonesian Island which is famous for tourist hub. It is having a main port which is operating normally. But some airline services are being canceled the services since the volcanic activity was noticed in the month of September.

The danger zone area is around Mount Agung. But tourism is still safe on Bali Island. It was said by Indonesia’s Disaster Mitigation Agency.

First warning:

The warning says that the people within a 5-mile exclusion zone are to be removed instantly in a silent manner.

Most of the Islanders from outside of the exclusion zone were ordered to go back to their homes at the end of first notice as a warning. From September, The Mount Agung has been making broken sounds.

Loss of tourism, if stopped:

The disaster officials are expecting the holiday to the Island will lose at least 110 million dollars in tourism.

The volcano is from about 70 km from the main tourist areas of Seminyak and Kuta. The reason for causing seismic and volcanic activities are because Indonesia is on the Pacific Ring of Fire where tectonic plates clashes.

130 active volcanoes:

Indonesia is the place for 130 active volcanoes. Last time, Mount Agung erupted in 1963 and had died more than 1000 people.


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