Is Corruption Public Enemy Number One of Myanmar?


A dozen customs officials were charged with taking bribes from vehicle importers in Yangon in this month.They were charged under the 2013 anti-corruption law.The words ‘corruption’ and ‘bribery’ are familiar to Myanmar people in everyday life ,and the anti-corruption commission is porpular day by day in Myanmar society.

A survey for corruption

Centre for Myanmar affairs studies took a survey for corruption in 31 townships of Yangon reigion.According to the survey,62.97pc of people experienced bribery and 35.93pc answered the cause of bribery for them is normal.And the survey showed that the most corrupt officials accepting bribes were The police  (27%),The immigration(26%),The municipal(25%),The  judiciary(24%),The customs(15%)and The general administration (12%).

What are corruption and bribery?

According to the transparency international, corruption is “the abuse of entrusted power for private gain.” It’s a very good and short interpretation.When we talk about the word ‘corruption’,we have to know a word that’s relative to corruption.The word is ‘bribery’. Bribery is” The offering,promising,giving,acception or soliciting of an advantage as a an inducement for an action which is illegal,unethical or a breach of trust.Inducement can take the form of gifts,loans,fees,rewards or other advantages (taxes,services,donations,favours etc).”

What are the causes?

            There are many causes of corruption but the main causes are diminishing values and patriotism in the society .The next one is lack of effective political leadership.All of the causes depend on education system directly.The one who has entrusted power abuse for private gain rather than country gain is valueless and unpatriotic.Moreover,it’s the same as the one who corrupts is stealing from the poors of the country.

Number one enemy

Last five year,World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim told about corruption that it’s public enemy number one in the developing world .Obsolutely right! Myanmar is one of the poorest country in ASEAN region and it’s a country of developing world.But  you may be surprised that you know Myanmar was the richest country in Asia in the early 1960s.The golden era of the past was far off.Even though Myanmar is a country of many natural resources that can’t be found elsewhere in the world,most of Myanmar people are struggling with poverty now. Why?Corruption!

As the saying of World Bank president Mr.Kim , corruption is enemy number one of Myanmar, a developing country.So we have to fight against the number one enemy of our people to promote our lives and sociaty in our country.Now Myanmar anti-corruption commission has jointly organized with international organizations including UN to wipe out the corruption in the country.Hope for the best!

Ref:Myanmar affairs,No.8,July 2018.



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