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Cult Charles Died at 83 in Jail

Cult Charles Died at 83 in Jail

Charles Manson has died aged 83. He was a former cult leader.

Charles was behind the 1969 deaths of the actress Sharon Tate and other six members.

He was taken to the hospital before this week in a serious condition and he was being guarded by five police officers.

Serious condition:

Charles was taken to the hospital for severe intestinal bleeding and needed surgery. But the doctors said that he was too weak but he was sent him back to prison in the month of January.

Charles led a cult prison known as the Mason Family in late 1960’s in which he was instructed female followers to kill to initiate a race war in a bid. His followers committed 9 murders at 4 locations overall.

Stabbed pregnant:

He has a swastika tattoo on his forehead in 1971. He was convicted of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder for the deaths of 7 people, which includes Hollywood actress Sharon.

Members of the cult repeatedly stabbed the wife of the Hollywood director Roman Polanski in the year of 1969. Roman Polanski was then heavily pregnant and then stabbed till death four other people at her home.

Death penalty:

Charles was in jail for more than 45years. His sentence of death was changed to 7 life terms after California declared the death penalty.

Named as ‘evil’:

He was denied parole 12 times in 2012. Charles name and image have become synonymous with evil with seeing many of his violent crimes as the death knell for the swinging sixties which is the era of peace and love.


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