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Delhi Government Planning to Control the Pollution

Delhi Government Planning to Control the Pollution

The Delhi Government has announced a new plan to check pollution levels for keeping the limit to drivers to alternative days. It is going to begin in next month among the world.

From next year starting, the residents of Delhi had been suffocating under a blanket of smog. It will be able to drive on the alternate days on their license plate number. It is of odd numbers are on one day and the even numbers are on the other day.

Issues and solutions:

This plan is controversial but the Government had announced after an issue had been ordering the state and the national Government. It is addressing the pollution control committee to devise a plan to evaluate for not raising the air pollution levels by December 21st.

Delhi’ air is a noxious combination of dust, dung from fire stoves, smoke, burning leaves and the output from the industries. It has surpassed Beijing’s last year as the dirtiest in the world.

Delhi is the recent effort to control polluters. It is a ban on diesel vehicle more than ten years old. It is descended into chaos in 2016 with the traffic jams at the checkpoints.

If you don’t implement, better not to say anything:

A doctor of India’s Ministry of Science and Technology told that it needs to be moved towards reforms and also must have to be practical.

Delhi is the significant push for cleaner air began in the late 1990’s. but when the Government shuttered the polluting factories and switched all the buses and autos from diesel to be compressed natural gas. But the gains made after switching and when the number of vehicles began to increase.

The concept of limiting commuter travel through road rationing has been practiced in the large cities. In Beijing, the drivers cannot drive in the city one day a week. London entreats a congestion charge as it is a levy of about a day on driving in the city.

Environmental activists said that imposing the restrictions would be tuff in Delhi. It is with the 16 million residents and 2 million registered cars.

More service facilities:

Delhi officials told they would increase bus service facilities and extend the times for metro services too. The people can still get 10,000 buses in a short period of time.


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