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Democrats Won in Virginia and New Jersey

Democrats Won in Virginia and New Jersey

The democratic people have earned two significant wins in the US. It is in the first statewide elections since Trump came to the power as President in January.

Ralph Northam lost Republican Ed Gillespie in Virginia in a Governorship race which is marked by Tussles on Confederate statues.

The New Jersey Governor is Phil Murphy. He wins by Kim Guadagno in the elections.

The above results show us an indication of how the next year is going to turn to in the mid-term congressional elections.

However, Democrats had finally got the king of non-moral kind person. And they won the legislative races.

Republicans finally have a year of making the anti-trump plans.

Mayor re-elected:

New York Mayor in Democratic re-elected comfortably.

Virginia voters made the history by electing their first transgender legislator of state wise openly. And all the Democrats are been craving something which is too celebrated after the loss in four special elections of Congressional in this year. It is despite a fall of plans to grounds when opposing the Trump.

In Virginia, Northam had the votes of 53.9% and Gillespie had the votes of 44.9%.

Flip-flop in series:

Northam is the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia and will now replace popular Democrat of McAuliffe. Northam won a series of flip-flops in all the campaign.

The supporters outraged when Northam revered the stance to say he might oppose any of the attempt to provide the sanctuary to illegal immigrants.

The violence of Gillespie:

Gillespie is a lobbyist and a former Republican chairman in Washington. He had accused Northam of failing to curb gang violence and also tried to tear down the statues which honor Civil war.

His style was combative and he is far away from President Trump.

In responding the election result, Trump tweeted that Gillespie didn’t embrace the position where I stand.


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