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EU Threatens the Cambodian Trade and Politics

EU Threatens the Cambodian Trade and Politics

A European Parliament delegation had warned that Cambodia could face EU actions over aid and the vital trade preferences. The human rights situation worsened further on Tuesday.

The delegation is the statement was the strongest threat of actions from the representatives of any Western donors. It is since the arrest of opposition leader Kem Sokha and steps by Prime Minister Hun Sen’s Government in September. It is to dissolve his Cambodia National Rescue party.

The Association of South- East Asian Nations delegations of the European Parliament called for the release of leader and an end to the process of dissolving his party.

Trade and politic issues should separate:

The delegation’s chairman told the government of Cambodia should be aware that the European Parliament is a co-legislator for the trade and budgetary issues. The chairman is Werner Langen. He is a member of the German Chancellor.

He said a serious deterioration of the human rights situation might have implications for the development assistance programs and trade preferences. European parliament should keep politics and the trade separately.


European Union countries accounted for around 40 % of the Cambodia’s exports in 2016. Exporting mostly of clothing and getting the duty free access under a scheme to help the poorest countries in the world.

It is difficult to secure EU agreement for limiting trade preferences. It could do to some of 700,000 wages of low garment workers who are employed in Cambodian factories. This is said by the western diplomats.

The members of European Union gave Cambodia almost $170 million in the development aid. It is according to the Cambodian Government figures.

The Cambodian Government has intensified a crackdown against the political opponents, human rights groups, and the independent media in the recent months ahead of an election next July in which Sen’s rule more than 32 years will be at stake.

The supreme court of Cambodian rejected an appeal to free Kem. As per the court, his release could be a people’s risk. The threat of dissolution looms over his party on Tuesday.

Kem’s lawyers asked the Supreme Court to rule that his detention was illegal and told he should be granted the parliamentary immunity from prosecution.

After the month filed a lawsuit asking to dissolve it on the grounds it was involved in a plot to topple the government.

Fake judgment:

Kem didn’t hear the Supreme Court’s judgment. The lawyer told it seems to be fake in hearing. Sen has said that his rival was getting help from the US. And the US rejected the suggestion of the interference in politics.


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