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Be Honest! The sound Louder and louder than before

Be Honest! The sound Louder and louder than before

After Myanmar anti-corruption commission has jointly organized with international organization like UN,we watch a TV programm,’Be honest!’, in MRTV channel of Myanmar government.Now the sound “Be honest!” is louder and louder than before in our society.

Actually,we grow up with the phrase ‘be honest’ because our ancestors used to tell bedtime stories about honesty in the early life of us.When we went to school,we learnt Jataka stories concerning with honesty in our texts.Since then,we have already known the value of honesty.So we,Myanmar people, are not strange to honesty.Most of us know the value of honesty but most of elders can not go the way of honesty.And, they can not show the way of honesty.In other words, they can not lead new generations to the way of principled society.Knowing is just only knowing.Why can I say that?Because of so many problems in our society at present.

What is honesty?

                In English the saying goes as honesty is the best policy.In my opinion,I don’t like the word ‘policy’ in that phrase. I think honesty can not be only a policy .It can be a principle. A policy may change but a principle does not .So the saying ‘honesty is the best policy’ means that honesty is the best principle for people to live by.And also honesty is the best of wealth because wealth comes from trust.The Loard Buddha preached that “If you want to be trusted,be honest”.Moreover,American lawer James E.Faust said that ‘honesty is more than not lying.It is truth telling,truth speaking,truth living ,and truth loving’.So we can say that trust and truth are the nearest to honesty.After that,character!Even If character is the crown of life,honesty will be the crown of character.No one can be great without truth and honesty.

Essential for real happiness

Everyone wants real happiness in their life. For real happiness, honesty is essential. A dishonest man can cheat the whole world to get personal gain but  how can he cheat his own soul? He can be rich by cheating others but he is always in fear of something. Because of his money and properties,he may think that he is happy.His happiness is momentary. It’s not real happiness. So honesty is essential for real happiness.

Dishonesty and riches

Sometimes we may think that honesty is only honesty itself when we see a dishonest man is very rich in our society.You can argue about it or you can ask me why can you say the man is dishonest. I think you have often seen the man who is an ordinary government servant in our poor country.He is neither a state lottery winner nor an inheritor of  rich parents. He could not marry a rich woman,too.In truth,he abused his trusted powers and authorities for his gain.We can see dishonesty and riches together in the developing countries like Myanmar.Dishonesty is the enemy of the country building up to a better life of the people.So,be honest! Nowadays the sound we want to hear loudly is ‘be honest’.


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