Home News Iranian Man was Charged Game of Thrones Hack

Iranian Man was Charged Game of Thrones Hack

Iranian Man was Charged Game of Thrones Hack

The prosecutors of the US have charged an Iran man with the hacking into the cable TV network HBO. He stole episodes and plot summaries for programs including the famous serial Game of Thrones. He then threatened to release the data unless he was paid 6 million dollars.

Skote Vahshat was charged with the hacking in sealed that was released by the US attorney’s office.

Joon Kim, US attorney said that the Skote was in Iran now. He said that he will face consequences although the authorities of US cannot arrest him.

Joon said that he will not be able to travel outside of the Iran without feeling the fear of being the arrest. Skote is an experienced hacker who has been wreaking havoc on the computer systems all over the world for some time.

The prosecutors had worked on the behalf of the military of Iran’s to attack the military systems, nuclear systems and Israeli infrastructure and software.

He helped an Iranian hacking group named Turk Black Hat security team. it is defacing hundreds of the websites in the US and also in other countries.

Warner selling itself to AT&T:

The cyber- attack has suffered over the summer as the HBO was running a new season of Game of Thrones. The cable network’s patient time Warner incorporation sought regulatory approval to sell itself to the AT&T incorporation. Selling for 85.4 billion dollars and stated the deal in October 2016.

Three serials:

The indictment charged Stoke with hacking into HBO from May to August. He was charged with stealing unreleased episodes of the programs such as Ballers, The Deuce and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Stoke stole some of the scripts and plotted the summaries for Game of Thrones. He obtained the credentials that the HBO employees use to access the network. He then used the hacked accounts to steal data from the company’s servers in this year.


The US prosecutors charged Stoke with the system fraud, wire fraud, identity threat, and extortion.


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