Mandalay, one of the cities where the most violated traffic rules in the world?


Amazing news! Today The Kyaemon(The Mirror),daily newspaper,published by Myanmar government states that within a week ,between July 15 to 21,4244 vehicles were caught violating taraffic rules in Mandalay,the second largest city of Myanmar.After The SCATS system has been installed at all of traffic points of Mandalay,the CCTV documents were seen amazingly.

In fact,Mandalay is the last historical city of Myanmar Dynasty,Konbaung and it’s also known that the city of Myanmar traditional and cultural heritages . In the past,Mandalay people used to ride on ponycart to go wherever they want in their city .Later,most of them used bicycles to go everywhere they wants.After the military government has came into power,the government built a good relationship with China than before.As a result , the city is crowded with Chinese foreigners and traders  from China because it’s the heart of jade market and  also it’s the nearest market from Yunnan Province,China.And then new and modern Mandaly  is came out and the past cultural images of Mandalay gradually  changed. And the business of luxury hotels,KTVs and restaurants  booms in the new Mandalay.Similarly,the people who can ride vehicles such as cars and motocycles are more and more on the road of Mandalay. Among them,some may be licenced drivers and some may not be.And also some vehicles may be illegally imported. Now,Mandalay becomes the city of the most violating taraffic rules in the country according to the news.Amazing! 4244 drivers broke the traffic rules in a short time,only one week. But, one of the good things is so many Chinese language schools  occurs and most of the new generations from Mandaly almost can speak Chinese.The goods and the bads are together in this world.

Now the government starts to control over the sectors of the administration to promote the development of the country till it faces so many challenges.Anyway,I think the people have to follows the rules and regulations of the government to reach the democratic society as  a dutiful citizen of the democratic country.It may be the last bad news for Mandalay,for Myanmar and for us!


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