Home Travel Mogok, the famous land of treasure city of Myanmar reopens for tourists in June

Mogok, the famous land of treasure city of Myanmar reopens for tourists in June

Mogok, the famous land of treasure city of Myanmar reopens for tourists in June

 I believe that you have already known Mogok,that is famous for precious gemstones like ruby, sapphire, emerald and so on. Mogok is one of the lands of treasure in Myanmar. Mogok’s ruby has been prominent in the world for a long time. But the area had been strictly off-limits to foreigners since 1962. Now the door of Mogok for foreigners was opened.

Mogok (1500 m) is located some 210 km and seven hours by road northeast of Mandalay. Consisting of heavily-jungled hills rising to a height of 2347 m above sea level, the Stone Tract covers about 400 sq miles, although only a portion (70 sq miles) is gem bearing. Considered one of the most scenic areas in Myanmar, it is home to a number of colorful ethnic groups, as well as a variety of wildlife, including elephants, tiger, bear and leopard.

The town itself is today a bustling city; the entire district probably contains 300,000–500,000 inhabitants. These consist of Burmese and Shan (Buddhist), Nepalese Gurkhas (Hindu), Lisu (Christian and Animist), along with a smattering of Muslims, Sikhs and those of Eurasian origin. The region’s population has swelled tremendously in recent years, following the Myanmar government’s liberalization of the gem trade.Tourists and local people flock to the gems and jewellery sales in Mogok. PHOTO : H &T Photo from GNLM /Photo Credit

Now the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism of Myanmar designed three trips in February with the aim of boosting tourism in Mandalay Region — Panling-Bernard village, Kyauk Pyathet, and Mandalay-Madaya-Singu-Thabeikkyin-Mogok. This month, the region’s Mogok welcomed 36 visitors. Tourists from China, India, Australia, Germany, and Viet Nam toured Mogok between 11 and 20 June. Their visit was arranged by eight travel agencies with the permission of the Mandalay Region government.

The tourists visited places of interest in the city such as the Mani Mingalarhtar gems market, Kyauk Pyathet Pagoda, Daw Nankyitaung, Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, Mogok night market, caves, and other famous pagodas. They also checked out mosaic gem art, green tea plantations, and the Kin Chaung waterfall during their trip.

Lastly, I’d like to recommend that if you visit Myanmar, you should pick out Mogok’s trip where you can get much delightful nature of the country.


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