Myanmar becomes a healthier country than the United Kingdom according to the Global Wellness Index


Bloomberg Economics posted that small countries are becoming the healthiest in the world according to the Global Wellness Index. The Index is published by investment firm LetterOne. A new analysis, the Global wellness Index ranks Canada as the best country out of the 151 nations evaluated. Key G-20 nations failed to make the top 25 of wellness ranking.

Most of the top 10 wellness countries are small from the ASEAN region, including Philipines, Singapore, Laos, and Cambodia. The U.S. trails far behind, coming in at 37. In a tighter ranking of G-20 nations combined with the 20 most populous countries on the planet, South Africa comes in dead last, below Ukraine, Egypt, and Iraq.

 “While rich countries tend to lead, many emerging economies score more highly than some advanced nations. This is down to huge increases in life expectancy in these countries in recent years,” Davies said, pointing also to high rates of depression and obesity in advanced countries.

The Global Wellness Index focuses on ten key metrics: blood pressure, blood glucose, obesity, depression, happiness, alcohol use, tobacco use, exercise, healthy life expectancy and government spending on healthcare. Data was gleaned from standard sources including the World Health Organization’s Global Health Observatory and the United Nations, as well as the World Happiness Report and public health data.

In ASEAN, Philipines ranked the first and Singapore took second place. Under Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Thailand stood respectively. According to the index, Myanmar’s wellness rank is 16th of the world and above that of the United Kingdom, a member of G-20 country.



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