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Is Myanmar Gearing To High Level Of e-Government?

Is Myanmar Gearing To High Level Of e-Government?

Before writing about e-Government development of Myanmar, may I request you to ask some questions? Are your daily social and economical tasks encountering with paper works?Is your national ID card or your passport in your hand only a paper card ?Do you notice that most of staffs in an office in your country are working with piles of paper files? If your answers are yes,it’s sure you’re not a citizen of high level e-government country.You may be the one from a middle level,or from a low level country.How about e-government development of your country? Very high? Or high? Or middle? Or the lowest?

The e-Government Survey for 2018 has been released on 19 July 2018 publicly with updated data on the development of e-Government in the United Nations Member States. It is the tenth edition of this study, ran by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA).

 A glimpse at the survey

The survey shows that Europe is the leading continent regarding e-Government development in general. Denmark,Australia and Republic of Korea are in the front row, three top level, in the e-Government Development Index (EGDI) and e-Participation Index(EPI).There are 11 positive change countries in 2018 including Myanmar.According to the survey,EGDI rank of Myanmar is middle,between 0.25 to 0.50 score, and positive change in the ranking. Myanmar has  opportunities to be developed by the effective management of geographical dispersion and varying socio-economic conditions, via the use of e-Government system.e-Government Leading Comittee Meeting In Nay Pyi Taw

Regarding the index components, it is remarkable the overall importance given to online services provision. In specific, 140 countries (out of the 193 included in the survey) have at least one transactional service online, being the preferred used services payment for utilities, submission of income taxes and registration of new businesses.

EGDI of Myanmar

Measuring EGDI and E- participation

EGDI is used “to measure the readiness and capacity of national institutions to use ICTs to deliver public services” and E-participation is measured based on “(i) e-information – availability of online information; (ii) e-consultation – online public consultations, and (iii) e decision-making – directly involving citizens in decision processes. The Survey assesses the availability of e-participation tools on national government portals for each of the above criteria” (UNDESA, 2018).

e-Government process of Myanmar

The e-Government development is an important component for Myanmar government to achieve rounded development covering administration, social, economic, education and health sectors.The government leaded by U Thein Sein started the preparation of Myanmar e-Governance Master Plan in 2014, with financial and technological assistance of ADB and Infosys Limited, India, along with the cooperation of government agencies, ministries, businesses, research teams, agencies, local and international ICT, and e-Government specialists plus analytical study on related international experiences.

NLD government, aiming at the economic development, has included the policy “to establish Data ID Card System, Digital Government Strategy and e-Government system” in the economic policy as a national objective in August, 2016, for the successful implementation of e-Government process. In 2018, Myanmar Automatic Cargo Clearance System (MACCS ) of Customs Department and online companies registrition of DICA are prominent  positive e-government developments of the country.Inspection of MyCO service centre

The government knows that the e-Government system enables the government agencies and organizations to provide effective services through ICT technology as a useful tool. Moreover, the government implementing e-Government process are considered to be a smart government, a government caring sustainability, a government caring the future generations and so on. Indeed, those who actively use the public services of a government are its citizens. What is more, in many countries these days, citizens can participate in the decision making process, which highlight the trend of governments moving towards people-centered approaches.Myanmar is the 2nd lowest e-Government level in Asia

Now Myanmar has to do so many things about public services through ICT in accordance with a fast growing economic country.So,is Myanmar gearing up for e-Government? No, Myanmar is gearing to a higher level from a positive middle level of e-Government development Index.Myanmar will be a high level  e-Government country in the near future.

Ref:EGDI Report/MNA



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