Myanmar government appointed a new youngest Deputy Minister for Ministry of Industry


Myanmar President Office in Nay Pyi Daw announced the appointment of Deputy Minister for Ministry of Industry on 15 August, 2019. The name of the new Deputy Ministry is Dr. Min Ye Paing Heing.Who is Dr. Min Ye Paing Hein?

According to the website of Myanmar Development Institute(MDI), Dr.Min Ye Paing Hein is the Executive Director of Myanmar Development Institute. He is  a native of Taunggyi, the capital of Shan state, Myanmar, studied at Cornell University and dabbled in economics, mathematics and desultory reading at the London School of Economics and the University of Chicago. He completed his Master degree in applied economics and doctoral degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  His research interests include behavioral economics, public finance (fiscal decentralization and tax reform), development finance, applied game theory, economics of civil war and state formation and warlordism.

He is concurrently serving as a member of Development Assistance Coordination Unit (DACU). Before assuming his position at the MDI and DACU, he had worked as an economist at the World Bank. Prior to his employment at the World Bank, he had taught economics and social science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Rutgers University. He had also served as an adjunct lecturer of Economics at the Yangon University of Economics.  He did some free-lancing as a consultant for a number of international organizations including the Alternative Development Inc. and International Development Enterprises.

According to the site, he is an internationally experienced person and he may be the youngest Deputy Minister in the government of Myanmar. Most of Myanmar people are disappointed with over 60 aged Ministers and some of their corruptions. So they  hope for the  younger educated officials who are active and loyal to the people of the country.Can  Dr. Min Ye Paing Hein serve his duties successfully in accordance with the hope of the people?Let watch and see!

Photo Source: Myanmar President Office/ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute



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