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Myanmar and Vietnam entered the top emerging destinations Americans want to visit for 2019

Myanmar and Vietnam entered the top emerging destinations  Americans want to visit for 2019

United States Tour Operators Association(USTOA) revealed Top Destinations, Travel Trends for 2019. A recent survey conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC) for the USTOA found that Italy was the “hot” destination Americans want to visit for 2019.The survey found that the top emerging destinations included Iceland, Cambodia, Croatia, Colombia, Vietnam, Portugal,Bhutan, Bolivia, Myanmar, and Ethiopia.Some of the destinations in the top 10 mirrored the top off-the-beaten-path destinations.

“It’s interesting to see five destinations—Iceland, Cambodia, Colombia, Vietnam and Portugal—appear on both the hot destinations and emerging destinations lists,” added Terry Dale, president and CEO of USTOA.

“This tells us that off-the-beaten-path travel experiences continue to grow in popularity amongst travelers” he added.

We found that Viet Nan and Cambodia have been named among the top ten hot destinations for US travelers in 2019.Viet Nam has also entered the list of the top 10 off-the-beaten path or emerging destinations by USTOA members.

Vietnam,Travel Award winner in 2018

According to the Tripadvisor,Hanoi,Vietnam was counted 12th hottest destination  of the world and the third top choice in Asia for 2019.Vietnam has won a series of international awards, recognising it as a safe and friendly destination.The country was named “Asia’s Leading Destination” for the first time at the 2018 World Travel Awards in Hong Kong  in September. Two months later, it was honoured with the title of “Asia’s best golf destination in 2018” at the Golf World Travel Awards.

In 2018, Viet Nam was estimated to serve some 15.5 million-15.6 million foreign tourists and 80 million domestic travellers, generating VNĐ620 trillion (US$26.66 billion) in tourism revenue.The number of international tourist arrivals surged three-fold from 5 million in 2010 to over 15 million in 2018.

In 2019, Việt Nam expects to welcome some 103 million visitors, including around 18 million foreigners and 85 million domestic travellers, up 15 per cent and 6 per cent, respectively, from 2018. The tourism sector hopes to contribute more than 10 per cent of GDP and create 6 million jobs, including 2 million direct jobs. At the same time, it expects to serve 32 million foreign tourists and more than 130 million domestic visitors in 2025.

Myanmar,promoted by Twitter CEO in 2018, entered the list

We appreciate the list of USTOA  that  Myanmar becomes a destination Americans want to visit. Myanmar’s tourism sector has borne the brunt of the Rakhine crisis,with growth in tourist arrivals dropping to 1 percent in 2018 compare with 7.1pc in 2017,according to the World Bank. Myanmar official reckon the tourism industry will continue to come under pressure this year for as long as the crisis remains an issue.

Last year,Myanmar government relaxed visa requirements for travelers from Japan, Macau,Hong Kong and South Korea.It now offers visa on arrival to mainland Chinese and Indian tourists.Due to the easing of visa requirements for travelers from those countries,tourism businesses are hoping to see a 50 pc rise in visitors from those countries this year. According to the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism,3.2 million international visitors came to Myanmar between January and November last year.It was an increase of around 2 pc compared with the same period in 2017.

Visit of Twitter’s CEO

A lucky point of Myanmar tourism for 2018 was a visit of Twitter CEO Dorsey.He visited Myanmar in December,2018 and did vipassana for 10 days.He told world about it and promoted Myanmar.

“Myanmar is an absolutely beautiful country. The people are full of joy and the food is amazing. I visited the cities of Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan.We visited and meditated at many monasteries around the country,” Dorsey tweeted.

“I did my meditation at Dhamma Mahimã in Pyin Oo Lwin.This is my room. Basic.During the10 days: no devices, reading, writing, physical excercise, music, intoxicants, meat, talking, or even eye contact with others. It’s free: everything is given to meditators by charity,” he added in his tweets.The room where Mr.Dorsey meditated in Pyin Oo Lwin,Myanmar

Inspite of telling the truths that Mr.CEO experienced in 10 days in Myanmar,he was criticized with so many negative tweets by one-sided people.So,anyway,Myanmar people thank Mr.Dorsey for visiting amid  spreading of negative rumours of the country.

Myanmar is only off-the-beaten-path destinations in comparison with Thailand and Indonesia,and full of unrealistic rumours.Most of the people of the world could not know good things of the country without visit it but they could know bad news of it from daily bias news medias.Thank Americans who have willing to visit Myanmar like Mr.Dorsey and we (Myanmar People) always warmly welcome all of visitors to our country. And also Myanmar people thank USTOA for the list of destinations.

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