Myanmar:How about English language skills ranking in EF EPI?


Myanmar people often think that Myanmar is high in English language proficiency among other ASEAN countries.EF EPI reported for 2018 of the world’s largest ranking of countries and regions by English skill.What’s EF EPI? EF is the abbreviation of Education First,founded in Sweeden in 1965 by a man with a vision,Bertil Hult,who still heads the company today. EPI means English language proficiency Index.So EF EPI means English proficiency index of English First.

 Today EF Education First has over 43,500 employees, teachers and volunteers. With over 500 schools and offices in 53 countries, EF has turned the world into a global classroom. EF English First has been providing English language lessons for over 20 years in more than 300 English First schools across China, Russia and Indonesia.

            In the report,there are five categories of English skills;very high,high, moderate,low and very low. How about Myanmar in those categories? Myanmar’s rank is 82 ,very low,in 82 countries,and the lowerest in the ASEAN countries after Cambodia,rank 85.Singapore is very high,world’s rank 3,and the highest in the ASEAN.The two high countries are Philippines,rank 14,and Malaysia,rank 22.They are the second highest in the ASEAN.Vietnam is world’s rank 41 and it’s skill is moderate.

            In the ASEAN,Thailand is world’s rank 64,low rank, but higher rank than Myanmar,very low,82.Myanmar always think that Thai people are poor in English skills but it passes off now.We should know that English language is a stepping-stone to learn all of developing technologies and skills.

            Why is Myanmar’s English skills very low even if the country was a former British colony for more than 100 years?The problem is education system which can’t compete with others. Myanmar’s education level has been lower and lower after Revolution Council led by U Ne Win seized the power of the country in 1961.For nearly 60 years,so many graduates were born in quantity than in quality.Most of them couldn’t get better English skills though they studied it for 14 years.

            In conclusion,Myanmar is a growing country in the ASEAN and warmly welcome FDI  now.The more we do business with foreigners,the more we need English skills to communicate with each other.We must study English more and more before.Let’s try our best!

Ref:EF EPPI 2018


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