Home World Myanmar:One Of The Poorest Countries But The Richest In Giving

Myanmar:One Of The Poorest Countries But The Richest In Giving

Myanmar:One Of The Poorest Countries But The Richest In Giving

Needless to say,Myanmar is one of the poorest country in the world.But it’s need to say that Myanmar is the top country in giving in this world.Myanmar is the highest rank No.1 in giving rather than United States of America,one of super power countries,according to CAF World Giving Index from 2014 to 2017.Amazing! You may doubt it because daily one-sided medias highlight rumours about Rakhine State,western coast of Myanmar.To know clearly about Myanmar culture, you need to visit and look inside Myanmar.How did Myanmar reach the highest rank in giving? And why could Myanmar people give to other while they are being poor? Moreover,how do they help a stranger and how can they volunteer their time for charities?

“The questions that make up the Index focus on the universal – do we give money or time or do we help strangers in need. It confounds traditional views of the link between wealth and generosity, confirming what we all surely know: that giving is about spirit and inner motivation, not about financial means.” Said Sir John Low,Chief Executive of Charities Aid Foundation,CAF.

According to Sir John Low, it’s sure that she was ranked the highest index title in giving not because of financial means but because of generosity.In other word,it’s because of noble spirit of Myanmar people  and inner motivation which follows in their ancestors’ footsteps. Actually,we can imagine that giving is not easy  for Myanmar people having GDP per capital is about 1500 USD . But they  know that one of the happiest feelings of a human being is giving.

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another”,said  Charles Dicken.So we can say Myanmar nationals are useful people in this world.

What is the CAF World Giving Index?

The CAF World Giving Index looks at how and why people around the world give to charity. In this, the eighth edition of the CAF World Giving Index, they’ve collected data from 139 countries, which represents an incredible 95% of the world’s population.The report includes questions about three different types of giving behaviour, with each country ranked according to their answers to:

  • Helping a stranger
  • Donating money
  • Volunteering time

No.1 in four consecutive years

According to the table of world giving index ranking,Myanmar was No.1 in four consecutive years from 2014 to 2017.It’s the pride of humanity of Myanmar citizens while the west  are pointing the finger at the government and military generals for accusations of human right violations.

            Finally,Myanmar is one of the poorest countries but the richest in giving in this world. Poverty and giving is contradictory.Myanmar citizens are poor but humane and they have humanity. Humanity and terrorism cann’t stand together in a generous country like Myanmar. Please come and see the truths of the country as CAF.Thank CAF for informing of Myanmar people’s nobility to the world.

Ref: CAF





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