New Year Dhamma congregation in Yangon attracted more more people


NEW YEAR three-day Dhamma ceremony held from 1st  to 3rd January at the People’s Park in Yangon has finished successfully.As the ceremony was started at the evening of each day, the night scene of the three days’ Dhamma ceremony in The People’s Park in  parallel with The Shwedagon Pagoda was very delightful.

The Yangon Region Government has been holding the three-day New Year Dhamma ceremonies since 2016. About 160,000 people gathered at the ceremony every night last year.After taking office, Yangon Region Government decided to hold New Year Dhamma ceremonies for the people so that they can live in accordance with the teachings of the Sayadaws.Yangon Region Government has provided free ferry services to the people from townships in the region. Eleven sub-committees comprising of invitation, transport, security, health etc. were formed for the convenience of the people attending the event.

At the first day of the ceremony,Bhamo Sayadaw Dr.Bhaddanta Kumara Bhivamsa delivered a sermon titled “What we should donate” and attracted over 120,000 people. In the second day Dhamma ceremony, Rector Sayadaw Dr. Bhaddanta Nandamalar Bhivamsa  delivered a sermon titled “Removing hatred from the heart”.The 2nd day of New Year Dhamma attracted more people about 200,000 people.

The last day,on 3rd January,Sitagu Sayadaw Dr. Bhaddanta Nannisara delivered a sermom titled “Bojjhanga Sutta” and attracted more than 200,000 Dhamma’s Lovers.This year’s Dhamma congregation was attended by residents from townships in Yangon Region and other parts of the country.

Donors provided charity food for people at the ceremony. Red Cross officers also provided healthcare protection and the regional police force  ensured safety to the congregation. Bahosi Privite Hospita provided health care service donation to the third day of the New Year Dhamma congregation with 8 doctors and over 40 health care personnel.

After NLD government has taken office,the decision to hold the Dhamma ceremonies in the new year is one of the good things and different changes of the government.The ceremonies could attract more people than last year.So we hope for better society in accordance with the teaching of Dhamma in the new year 2019.Lastly we hope for the ceremony to continue every new year and to attract more and more people. Happy new year!

Photo credits:MOI Myanmar


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