NRPC meets with Representatives from 8 Ethnic Armed Organizations(EAOs) In Nay Pyi Daw


National Reconciliation and Peace Center (NRPC) held a peace dialogue with 8 Ethnic Armed Organizations (EAOs) in Nay Pyi Taw on Thursday. Two representatives from each EAO attended the meeting at the invitation of NRPC to make discussion on the future works for the peace process.

Vice Chairman of NRPC Dr. Tin Myo Win extended greetings and stressed that the Government is paying special emphasis for all-inclusiveness of EAOs in peace process. He added that the root cause of armed conflict is the political problems which can only be settled by establishing the federal union.

Vice Chairman, National Reconciliation, and Peace Center, Dr. Tin Myo Win said “In an effort for building a democratic federal union, the Government is giving priority to end armed conflicts. Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) not only represents for prevailing peace but also the first step to build a democratic federal union. The political dialogue has to be held based on NCA. So, we are paying emphasis for the participation of all NCA non-signatories EAO in the political dialogue.”

The Vice Chairman added that in order to shape the federal union which is desired by all parties, the Union Peace Conference -21st Century Panglong has been held for three times and 51 points have reached for the Union Accord. But there still, need the participation of non-signatories EAOs in laying down the federal principles.

Vice Chairman, National Reconciliation, and Peace Center, Dr. Tin Myo Win said “If all non-signatories EAOs participate in this process, it will emerge the political conference which is desired by all entire people. We really hope for participation of all EAOs in the 21st Century Panglong. The Government is making efforts for all these EAOs to sign in the NCA and to hold political dialogue with all inclusiveness by ending armed conflicts.”

In December last year, Tatmataw announced its suspension for the military operations in five military regions till 30th April this year, paving a way to hold the dialogues. It is learned that the EAOs will meet with Tatmadaw Negotiation Team on the 22nd with separate occasions.

Source: MITV


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