Home News Parasites Found in North Korea’s Defector

Parasites Found in North Korea’s Defector

Parasites Found in North Korea’s Defector

The medical condition of North Korea is the latest escape reveals about worrying the insights about the hygiene and the health in the rogue state.

The individual who was shot multiple times is after running across the demilitarized zone which separates North and South Korea on Monday. The individual is currently recovering at a hospital near Seoul. His chances of survival are complicated by the enormous number of parasites found in his body. It was said by a South Korean doctor on Thursday.

Never seen:

In that man’s small intestine, Doctor discovered numerous roundworms including one that was 27 centuries or all about 11inches long. The doctor told he had never seen anything like that in his service of 20 years as a physician.

Humans easily get the parasite. It is of eating contaminated food or by biting the fruit which is bitten by an insect or by the parasites entering through the skin diseases.

Main problem because:

Parasites such as roundworms are reportedly spread widely in the nuclear-armed nation and can also be the result of consuming vegetables fertilized with human faces. South Korea faced a similar problem until the use of commercial fertilizers became spread widely in the 1980’s.

Scarcity of cattle and farming manually:

Roundworms thrived in Korea because human excrement was practically the only method which is used to fertilize the land, possibly due to the relative scarcity of cattle. It is said by the report which is published in Cambridge University’s Medical History journal in this June.

The selective state has received shipments of fertilizer from Seoul and beyond in these recent years. But it is not clear whether that is being continued in the light of the latest international sanctions.

Another issue:

Malnutrition is also a common issue in North Korea where famines are a regular occurrence.


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