Phoe Thaw: A hero from the ring of Myanmar lethwei to the international MMA cage


Phoe “Bushido” Thaw, The 34-year-old featherweight contender, returned to the ring last Saturday, 15 June at ONE’s Legendary quest to face Victorio in China.As we hope for the best,he could get a record of a winner at  MMA cage, far away from the homeland, Myanmar. He beat Victorio in the first round 4 minutes 17 seconds.It was his first match on foreign soil and so we can say that he fought for the integrity of his motherland. Now he showed his personal skills of MMA and Myanmar’s blood in front of the people of Shanghai. Now Pho Thaw ‘s fighting record in The ONE is 8 wins,1 loss, and no draw. Victorio’s fighting record is 3 win and 3 loss without a draw.

Mandalay born Phoe Thaw took up the Myanmar martial arts “Lethwei” in 2015. At first, he decided to take the training of lethwei to start his martial arts career. After  discovering The ONE Championship on the internet, he resolved to transfer to the cage and became a professional mixed martial arts.

 Actually, his mission in The ONE Championship goes far beyond his own personal glory. He wants to spread Myanmar’s martial arts, lethwei, across the globe. He wants to show that athletes from his nation can be a match for anyone in the world.

“Myanmar lethwei has a certain place in the international martial arts world,” once he said.

 “For our traditional martial art, it is really important to interest international fans who love martial arts.”He added.

Before China match, he went to America to learn more about MMA and trained to fight against the new rival in the new  cage in Shanghai. When he went to America, some people told him that they had seen him on the Netflix show – the viewership of Netflix is so high, even foreigners are getting interesting about traditional Myanmar lethwei.

Phoe Thaw’s next mission is to help his Team PT training partners reach the same level of success and notoriety. Moreover, he explained that he wants his Team PT to be successful, as they are always supporting him all the time.

Lastly, he is a hero transferred to the ring of Myanmar lethwei to the international MMA cage. Good luck more and more in the future, Phoe Thaw!

Photo Credits and Ref:The ONE Championship



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