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Phoe Thaw:A Brilliant MMA fighter from Myanmar

Phoe Thaw:A Brilliant MMA fighter from Myanmar

Phoe Thaw!Phoe Thaw!Myanmar!Myanmar!Fighting!

It was the hearty sounds came out of MMA audience from  The Thuwanna Stadium in Yangon. Phoe Thaw is the second famous MMA fighter apart from Burmese Python Aung La N Sang,world middleweight champion, in Myanmar MMA fighters.Before last three years,Phoe Thaw’s daily life was normal;buying and selling used cars,doing social welfares for his blood donation group and happy wth his closed friends.He married with Than Zin Cho,a beautiful lady, nearly one year before he steped into the ring of Myanmar Lethwei fighter.

“I was born in Mandaly on 9 November ,1984.After my parents had transferred to Yangon, I had to start my early school life in Yangon.In my student life,from primary to university,some of my seniors provoked me because I was a thin and small one.From then I’ve decided to learn a kind of a martial art and body building to be able to protect myself from my oppressers,So,I started training Aikido in my University student”said Phoe Thaw.

 He started trainings and preparations for his dream, to be a professional martial art fighter within three years.Firstly,he started training as a club member of The New White Blood Club( Ah Phyu Yaung Thway Thit) of Myanma Lethwei.With the permission of the head of the club,he prepared to step into the fighting rings.Unfortunately,he tried to get fights in the rings nearly five times but was pending and pending because of his weight class. In the early days of fighting,some of the audience shouted out him while he was fighting into the ring as “Phoe Thaw,you should be an actor,not a fighter!”

Really! His style is like an actor rather than a fighter.He is tall,smart and handsome.

Moreover, he is bright and he can also speak English.He has more communications and relations experiences than other fighters.He worked as  a staff in Japan Embassy.He could see the trend of MMA as an educated fighter.So,he changed his trainings from Lethwei to MMA when The ONE Championship from Singapore launched in Yangon,After fighting four times in One Championship,he came to be a  featherweight champion of MMA in Myanmar in October, 2016. He has no fail record in seven fights and he will fight against Keanu Sabbu from Malaysia on October 26 in Yangon.

“At the beginning of my training,there were many difficulities for me,but I’d a dream and I believed that my dream will come true in a day.When I started trainings,I was 30.Most of fighters stops trainings and fightings at the age of 30.Some told me that it’s impossible for me to start fighing at the age of 30.I did not listen to their comments because I believed myself.I used their comments as a steping-stone to pass my challenges in my fighting life,”said Phoe Thaw.

Now he has already founded a fitness centre and MMA training centre named “TEAM PT”at his Shwe Myint Mo Residence,46th Oatthaphaya Street,Bahan in Yangon.He is teaching and sharing his fighting experiences to his trainees at his TEAM PT centre.He posts his daily activities on his official account of facebook,Phoe Bushido Thaw,Now he is a professional fighter in The One Championship and his dreams really comes true.It’s not because of luck but because of belief in himself and persistence.He is a model of youths who want to be a winner in their life.

In the night of October 26 ,his eighth fighting against Malaysian MMA fighter,Keanu Sabbu, will be one of the best fightings for the ONE Championship.His supporters and Myanmar audience will shout out as “Phoe Thaw! Phoe Thaw! Myanmar! Myanmar! Fighting!” and encourage him as usual.Phoe Thaw will fight for his professional career and his country.Phoe Thaw,we hope for the best!


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