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A Plate Of Myanmar Style Salad:Young Leaves Of Tamarind

A Plate Of Myanmar Style Salad:Young Leaves Of Tamarind

Tamarind is a tropical tree which  grows naturally in nearly all around Myanmar. Especially, the tamarind  grows  in the drought areas of middle Myanmar,such as Mandalay,Sagaing and Magwe Regions.In some of Myanmar rural areas,green and fresh tamarind fruits are directly used in cooking fish and some edible vegetables.Photo Credit:Prothomalo Photo- Myanmar rural culture and tamarind

Myanmar say tamarind as မက်ည္း (Majee) and all parts of tamarind trees, which are roots,leaves,flowers,fruits and barks, have been used in Myanmar traditional  medicine for long years.Tamarind  with seeds, seedless and pastes are  export products as it’s used in nutrition and beverage industries in foreign countries.Some countries also import Myanmar tamarind seeds.

A small paste of ripe tarmarind fruit is essential to be a delicious bowl of curry in Myanmar cuisine.Moreover,young leaves of tamarind can be cooked as a bowl of hot soup and made a plate of salad.Young leaves of tamarind salad is one of the best Myanmar tastes for the hot season,from March to May.So,how to make a plate of delicious young leaves of tamarind salad?

Firstly,we must collect the followings.

  • Young leaves of tamarind 0.2 Kg
  • 3 curry spoons of dried shrimp powder
  • 4 curry spoons of roast peanut podwer
  • 4 curry spoons of roast sesame powder
  • Table salt one –fourth of a tea spoon
  • 3 big onions
  • 2 curry spoons of Sesame oil

Secondly,young leaves of tamarind are rinsed with clear water and put on a sieve to filter water for nearly five minutes.During filtering,cut onions very thin, and rinse with water it.After that,put the young leaves of tamarind in a plate and mix it with onions,dried shrimp powder,roast peanut powder and roast sesame powder.Add salt as you prefer and pour the sesame oil to the mixture.The last is to mix all of the ingredients thoroughly to get a good taste of a plate of  tamarind salad.

            According to traditional Myanmar medicine,the health benefits of tamarind leaf are as follow.

– Tamarind leaf is a good herb for  inflammations and immune system.

– Tamarind leaf is a booster for digestive system.

– Tamarind leaf enhances blood circulation.

– Tamarind leaf  relieves  bacterial actions and toxifications.


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