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Rally for the Resignation of Zimbabwe President

Rally for the Resignation of Zimbabwe President

Thousands are expecting to take up to the streets on Saturday. It is to demand the resignation of Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe.

93 year old President:

The rally deemed a “Solidarity March”. It is supported by the military which is staged to take over on Wednesday after a power struggle over the 93-year-old Robert successor.

ZDF supports the rally:

Zimbabwe Defense Forces said that they are advising the nation as long as the planned march remains orderly, peaceful and without hate speech and incitement to cause violence. This supports the march.

The party’s members accepted to mobilize the support for and attending Saturday’s rally. The party is planning to hold a special committee for the central session over the weekend days to discuss the crisis.

The leader of the influential war veterans association called a huge turnout at the rally on Friday.

Quit president:

He told that they want to restore our pride and tomorrow is the day where they can finish the job which the army started. And he must leave and there is no going back.

Regional branches ruling Zanu- PF party, as well as the veterans who until, were loyal to the president will saying that Robert should quit the position.

The president had been under the house arrest since Wednesday’s take over. He made his first public appearances at a graduation ceremony here.

Robert has lead Zimbabwe since it gained independence from Britain in 1980.

The military said it was engaging with Robert and will advise the public on the outcome of talks as soon as possible.


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