Home News Satellite Detected Signals of Missing Argentine Submarine

Satellite Detected Signals of Missing Argentine Submarine

Satellite Detected Signals of Missing Argentine Submarine

There have been hopes of finding the survivors were restoring to life after getting Argentina’s navy signals. It is what could distress calls from a missing submarine with 44 crew members be abroad, on Saturday.

Other countries helping:

There had been no contact with The San Juan submarine. So navy is prompting Buenos Aires to launch an air and sea search with the help from other countries. The countries will include Brazil, Chile, US, and the UK.

The search area has been washed by the ships and the aircrafts entirely. It is despite storm conditions that complicated the effort of Navy.

Finally, seven satellite is transmitted signals that are believed to be a part of the vessel trying to resume contact was detected. It was said by the Defense Ministry.

Signals detected:

The signals were found with the help of US satellite communication experts. The signals were discovered at 10:52 am and 3:42 pm.

The ministry said that they are working to locate the exact place of what is emitting the signals, it might be the missing the submarine.

Chile, UK, US, and Brazil have taken the part in the aerial side to search and the USA told it will help to send rescue.

Argentina President tweeted that they are going to do what is necessary to get the Submarine back.

Short circuit might be:

A spokesman said that the navy is not using hypothesis. They most commonly have given the power a short circuit which has unexpected cut off the vessels communications.

There are three submarines sent for the mission. Among those three subs, The San Juan is one of the submarines in the Argentine fleet.

It was built by Thyssen Norrdseewerke in Germany which had 65 meters long and 7 meters wide. It was launched in 1983.


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