Home News South Korea’s Earthquake is the Second Powerful Record

South Korea’s Earthquake is the Second Powerful Record

South Korea’s Earthquake is the Second Powerful Record

A very rare earthquake with the magnitude of 5.4 made the people of South Korea nervous. It was done on Wednesday.

Fewer injuries with less damage:

This became the most powerful earthquake on record which got second. It had shaken the buildings, but it seems strange of causing not more damage or fewer injuries.

But 1000 buildings, homes and the vehicles destroyed. No deaths have been reported since the earthquake-shaken the Southern East region.

The earthquake struck about 9.3 km which is 5 miles from the north of the south-eastern port city of Pohang of South Korea Metrological Administration said.

Nuclear reactors not affected:

Tremors were felt across the country. The state-run nuclear operator Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co told operations at the nuclear reactors were not even affected.

South Korea had relatively seismic activity when compared to Japan with the East.

Quake records:

It is the strongest earthquake on record with the magnitude of 5.8 in September last year. It is nearby the city of Gyeongju which is close to Pohang. Now, this earthquake is second with the magnitude of 5.4.

Entrance exam was put off by this earthquake:

The earthquake made the education ministry to put off the university entrance exams for one week as some of the buildings chosen as test venues had given the cracks and the students too in the damaged region.

They were displaced from their homes and complained of all the anxieties. The annual test is administered by the Government of South Korea. It is the huge national event where all diplomas from the top colleges often guarantee better jobs.


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