Home Business Taobao Auctioned two Boeing Jet Planes

Taobao Auctioned two Boeing Jet Planes

Taobao Auctioned two Boeing Jet Planes

China’s biggest e-commerce is Taobao. You can buy anything from that platform, even a jet.

Most of the Chinese people traffic the Alibaba Group Holding limited app for all the items like clothing, groceries, SF Airlines Company took Taobao shopping to a whole other level.

Two planes sold and the third was failed to sell:

The Chinese carrier bid more than 48 million dollars for two Boeing 747 planes. A plane failed to sell. It is according to the New Agency named Xinhua. It is cited the seller, the Intermediate People’s court of Shenzhen City.

Online Auctions:

The court’s Vice-President said to the news agency that the good way to handle the property of bankrupt firms is Online Auctions.

Planes are from:

The Jets are originated from Jade Cargo International.

Auctions everything in Taobao:

Taobao’s court auction platform is a trove of the assets from various cities across China with the real- estate, vehicles and the industrial equipment. It is up for bids in various states of repair.

Taobao translates roughly as the digging for treasure. It also auctions off bad loans from the Chinese companies.

Alibaba dominates e-commerce now in China with the Taobao. The company’s other shopping platforms are getting in the terms of money for more than 75 % of online retail sales in 2015.


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