US president Trump is saying that the Time Magazine was looking to name him the ‘Person of the Year’. It is for the second year in a row that he pulled himself out of the running because he did not want to engage in an interview.

Time magazine says that he was likely going to be named Man of the year like previous year. But he has to accept to an interview. A Time Magazine editor named Stengel said that he hates to say that he is not the person of the year. The Time Magazine wanted a photo shoot of US President Trump. So Stengel is sure that he has that fake Time cover somewhere in storage.

Super model:

The Time magazine says it doesn’t want to comment on its choice until the publication. Trump has been obsessed with having his face on the cover of the magazines. He himself compared to a super model.

Time editors has stated they had selected Trump as their person of the year, beating out Clinton, Beyoncé, Narendra Modi, Michigan, Flint, Erdogan.

Great honor:

Trump responded for this and said that it means a lot to him. And especially when he is growing up reading Time Magazines, he feels it a lot. He also added that he have been lucky to be on the timeline covers for many times. He felt that it is a great honor.

Trump had been passed over his honor. Trump brought up this compliant on the trail of campaign.


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