Home News Trump to Congratulate Xi

Trump to Congratulate Xi

Trump to Congratulate Xi

The president of United States Donald Trump said that he spoke to the Xi Jinping, the Chinese President to congratulate him. Congratulating him for a new leadership line up unveiled at the communist party of Congress in China.

Discussion of trade:

They also discussed in about the North Korea and trade. Trump said this on Wednesday by posting on Twitter.

Trump said that he went to congratulate for his “extraordinary elevation. The Chinese president told that following the path of a peaceful for development and promoting the coordination among the powers which are major.

Xi told that China attaches a great importance to the US of the Sino for the relations. And it is going to promote the long-term, stable and healthier development of bilateral relations on the basis of mutual respect and benefits for the country.

Hoping to meet again:

Trump is expecting to meet Xi whenever he visits China. He wants to visit China next month and also have a hope of meeting him directly. They want to discuss regarding the issues of North Korea and trade and also US-China trade.


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