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Trump Holds the Elephant Trophy Imports

Trump Holds the Elephant Trophy Imports

US President Trump told he is deciding to allow the imports of elephant trophies on hold until he can review all the facts of conversation.

This rule passed on Friday that allows the hunters who kill all the elephants in Zimbabwe and bring their trophies back to the US outraged animal activities.

Trump says that put a big game trophy to hold until such times to review the facts.

Slaughtering elephants:

A senior attorney for Biological Diversity told that it is great that people outrage has forced Trump to consider this decision. This might take more than a tweet to stop trophy hunters from slaughtering elephants and lions too. Also added that need to take immediate actions to reverse this type of policies. This will apply to two South African countries they are Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Zimbabwe and Zambia had met new standards international strict conservational standards which are allowing American people to resume hunting in those countries.

Wildlife service told it had concluded that the killing of African elephants in Zimbabwe for trophies for enhancing the survival of the African elephant.

Reversing the policy of Mr. Obama:

This policy would reverse the Obama’s policy. It was said by wildlife service officials attending a meeting in this week which is going too organized by pro-trophy hunting group.

The Zambia officials will cover the change but only Zimbabwe is going to mentor in the notice.

Trump administration did not say whether the trump’s suspension applied to the other animals other than elephants.

African’s elephant’s population plunged by about a fifth between 2006 & 2015 as of increased poaching ivory, a covered commodity using in carving and ornamental accessories in China and the other parts of Asia.


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