Home News US Commander illegal strike to launch nuclear weapons:

US Commander illegal strike to launch nuclear weapons:

US Commander illegal strike to launch nuclear weapons:

The commander of US strategic Hyten told an order from President Trump or the person who is in next of his line to launch the nuclear weapons which can be refused if that order is decided to be illegal.

Air Force General told a panel that he and Trump have had conversations on that matter and that he would tell Trump he would not carry out an illegal attack.

Illegal to legal:

Trump decided to launch a nuclear attack in the event Hyten will provide him with the strike options which might turn into law. The command will control nuclear forces in a war.

The General already studied the US laws of armed conflicts which can stipulate. The key criteria of the President must consider before launching the attack. The criteria include distinction, unnecessary suffering, necessity, and proportionality.

Threat attack:

The comments come as a threat of nuclear attack from North Korea remains a serious issue.

Trump has advised adopting front against the threat which was posed by the North Korea. It is which has sparked global alarm with its nuclear and the missiles tests.


He warned world leaders a week ago. All gathered in the Danang resort city in Asia- Pacific region. He instructed that hostage must not be held to a dictator’s twisted fantasies.

Tensions are all over the North’s weapons programs have surged in the recent months. As Pyongyang carries out a sixth nuclear test by the far it has largest to date and the test is fired dozens of nuclear and missiles. It is somewhat capable of reaching the US mainland.


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