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Why You Should Visit Myanmar(Burma),the distinct country of ASEAN region

Why You Should Visit Myanmar(Burma),the distinct country of ASEAN region

 You may be the one from a rich and developed country, or from a poor and an under developed country on the Earth. You may be the one from a democratic  or from a dictactorial country. And also you may be the one who likes travelling around the world,or you may be the one who is excited about natural resources and cultural ancient regions.And you may be the one who wants to know  what the truths about the Bangali extremists and terrorists in the north-west of Rakhine State.If you are one of them I mentioned above,I’ld like to refer you to visit Myanmar(Burma),the distinctive country of ASEAN.Why?

  • Myanmar is one of the last five Theravada Buddhism countries including Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal and so you can learn about the Buddhist’s Dhama,the way to peaceful life and the path to Nivanna .
  • Myanmar has so many world-known Buddhist regilious and cultural heritages like The Shwedagon pagoda, Bagan and Mrauk-U.
  • Myanmar is the honourable land where the third United Nations’ Secretary U Thant (1962-71) and The Nobel Peace Award winner Aung San Suu Kyi were born.
  • Myanmar is the owner of the long coast in the west and south and also the beautiful mountains and ranges in north and west. So it’s the land of many colourful beauties and scenery such as Ngapali,Inle and The Irrawady River and so many famous places where you can enjoy.
  • Myanmar is the abundant land of enegy,forestry and mineral resourses such as natural gas,and many kinds of precious stones like Mogok ruby and Kachin jade.
  • Myanmar is now a heading country to a democratization society and Myanmar government is striving to get peace among all of the national races.
  • Myanmar is a geopolitically strategic important country between the two military super-powers, China and India. Moreover, it is also a neighbour country of Bangladesh, one of the most populous countries of the world and apperentaly different in religion and culture from Myanmar.
  • Now Myanmar is the country facing wth challenges of wrong messages and rumours about Bengali ( most of medias name them Rohingya ) terrorists who originated in Chittagong region of Bangladesh.
  • Moreover, Myanmar is one of the countries where you can experience snow year round in ASEAN region.It’s the mount Khakaborazi of Kachin State, northern Myanmar,and the highest mountain of ASEAN.

After you have been to Myanmar once ,I’m sure you will like Myanmar culture and friendly smiles of Myanmar people.  So, I told you Myanmar is a distinct country in the ASEAN region and you should visit  Myanmar and experience the real lifes of Myanmar people.Warmly welcome to the golden land Myanmar!


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