Home Business Will Vietnam be able to creat its own social network like Russia and China in the near future?

Will Vietnam be able to creat its own social network like Russia and China in the near future?

Will Vietnam be able to creat  its own social network like Russia and China in the near future?

 According to reports,Vietnamese social media network similar to Facebook and reserved for Vietnamese has become a hot topic recently in Vietnam. It was mentioned on Internet Day 2018 organized by the Vietnam Internet Association on November 5. According to Vietnamnet news released on December 11,experts say that Vietnam plans to creat its own Facebook-like social network.

Most of us think that for a developing country like Vietnam, it may be difficult to creat its own Facebook-like social network. So,arguments were raised about whether Vietnamese can create such a social network for themselves.

Strong determination

But Vietnamnet stated that PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Minister of Information and Communication Nguyen Manh Hung has told that Vietnam encourages technology firms to create a social network for Vietnamese.Moreover it stated that The Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) of Vietnam still shows its strong determination to implement the plan.So will Vietnam able to be the third country after Russia and China,using their social media products rather than Facebook?

The two leaders of its own social media

There are the two leaders running its own social media rather than Facebook.They are Russia and China.Russia is the only country in the world where Facebook ranks second in popularity to a home-made social network, called VK. The social network has 100 million users in Russia.In China, Facebook holds a very small market share because it is blocked. Chinese firms developed an ecosystem of their own to satisfy people’s demands.

Facebook doesn’t have rivals in ASEAN

Now ASEAN’s population is more than 658 million and Facebook users are nearly 370 million in 2017.Vietnam ranks seventh among the biggest Facebook using countries.Products similar to Facebook are not available in ASEAN includingVietnam. In other words, Facebook doesn’t have rivals in Vietnam. Facebook is the most commonly used social network in Vietnam (higher than Zalo, a Vietnamese app) with 40 million users. Zalo  inclines toward OTT (over the top), a solution that provides content to users based on the Internet.So Facebook is the best known social media in ASEAN.

One of the five major pillars

Le Duy Tien, a member of the MIC’s taskforce on accelerating the development of Vietnam’s digital ecosystem, said Vietnam’s social network is one of the ‘five major pillars’ that the ministry will focus on in the time to come. The other four ‘pillars’ are Vietnam’s search engine, Vietnam’s browser, anti-virus software and operating system.

“In principle, Vietnam’s digital ecosystem will be developed and provided by Vietnamese firms
He said that a lot of Vietnamese firms are “nurturing the idea of developing a made-in-Vietnam social network like Facebook” but admitted that “ one is strongly determined to do this”.

According to Tien, every technological product has its own age. Products don’t necessarily have to be like Facebook.

“It may happen that an original idea will attract Vietnamese users and help a Vietnamese social network have the upper hand over Facebook,” Tien said.

The prospect for 5G in Vietnam

Adopting significant technological advances, the 5G network, which aims to improve connection speed, reduce latency and raise the number of devices connected at the same time, is expected to be a powerful boost for digital economy. In that sense, some policymakers believe Vietnam will be one of the first countries to implement 5G in 2020.

Determination makes it possible

In conclusion,we cann’t argue the fact that Vietnam is growing fast in all round sectors,and it is striving to launch some new its products to the world market.So the dream to do its Facebook-like social media may come true in the near future.Strong determination cann’t it easy,but it makes it possible!


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